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The importance of financial health is often discussed, but not many people truly try to understand how valuable it is.

One of the most common issues that have troubled many individuals worldwide for a very long time is their finances. This fact is what made Lynda Drake, author of The Power of Financial Dance: A Spiritual Guide to Financial Health, write a book combining finances and spirituality. In her book, she presents the ways that everyone can mix spirituality and finances in a harmonious manner, similar to a graceful dance.

Let’s go ahead and talk more about financial health and the reasons why it’s so important to dabble in.

Finances 101: Defining Financial Health

The ability to manage unexpected expenses and maintain stability in your finances is known as financial health (not the good type, unfortunately). A reduction in income from your job, an increase in your tuition at the institution, or a roommate abruptly leaving and leaving you to pay their share of the rent can all be considered setbacks.

A financial health checkup looks at key indicators related to money. We can liken it to a physical examination at the doctor’s office that analyzes numerous vital indications, including heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Examples include your possessions, debt, and the consistency of your income.

Why Is Having a Fantastic Financial Health Essential?

For better or worse, your financial situation can greatly impact your life. Primary sources of stress are money-related issues because of growing living expenses and significant debt. Worries about relationships, careers, and personal health can sometimes pale in comparison to worries about finances.

Now, a little stress is perfectly normal. Stress, in moderation, can be a motivating factor for critical tasks like job searching or exam preparation. However, the stress brought on by financial difficulties can become persistent and, over time, can negatively impact your physical and emotional well-being.

You can experience financial stress whether you’re affluent or poor, young or old. It might impair relationships with others, performance at work and school, and both. Additionally, it may result in major health problems like hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Sounds pretty bad, right?

This is where a book combining finances and spirituality comes in very handy. Having a guide to help you financially bounce back and using spirituality to boost that bounce is going to be very beneficial for anyone. Learning the importance of financial health makes us more careful about our financial decisions. It’s one of the main reasons we should understand why financial health is so valuable.

Why Should Everyone Learn and Understand Financial Health?

Just as brushing one’s teeth as a toddler initiates excellent oral hygiene practices, so should financial health be prioritized early on. For the parents reading this, in addition to modeling good oral hygiene habits, we should teach healthy financial habits to our children. Avoiding using credit cards, paying bills on time, and setting aside money for short- and long-term goals are necessary habits to pass down to kids.

Is There a Way to Improve Our Financial Health?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. There are several ways that we can learn about that will aid us to make our financial health better. Here’s a couple of habits that anyone can start adopting right away:

1. Write down a financial plan with short and long-term goals.

2. Create a budget.

3. Manage and handle your debt healthily.

4. Prepare emergency savings or funds.

5. Do your best to save for the future.

Appreciate the Importance of Financial Health Today

Although getting your financial act in order isn’t always simple, the first step is always to start paying attention. You’ll discover that taking charge of your financial well-being and treating it with the same diligence as other wellness routines like regular exercise and developing a meditation practice can positively transform your life.

Financial health will always be an important aspect of our existence that requires our attention. So, now that you know more of its importance, it’s time for you to take things seriously and secure your finances. If you’re looking for a book combining finances and spirituality, you should get a copy of The Power of Financial Dance: A Spiritual Guide to Financial Health today. Check out our other articles and learn the power of changing our focus!

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