About Lynda


Lynda Drake author, and educator, has experienced the peace and power that comes from letting go of the illusion of perfection.

She attributes this to raising her three powerfully imperfect children with labels including Down syndrome, autism, mood disorder, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, severe allergies, anxiety, and depression.

Lynda Drake worked for 16 years as a Job Developer for Bayaud Enterprises. She has assisted over a thousand individuals with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness in their job search as well as facilitating Beyond Bayaud for 15 years. In this class her goal was to give people the tools necessary to rise above poverty and find their own personal power to create the life they desire and deserve. Before coming to Bayaud she had been a stockbroker for 19 years.

Lynda has written two books, one about money from a spiritual
point of view called, Belly Dancing Lessons for Your Finances, a Spiritual Guide to Financial Health and The Power of Imperfect Parents, Practical tools to parent your child with disabilities.

Lynda is also a life coach, professional speaker, and group facilitator.