Lynda’s Talks

Talk 1

Tools to Empower Your Children with Disabilities to Live a Life with Purpose

The tools used to empower your children include techniques to allow them to:

  • Explore and develop their gifts, passions, and interests.

  • Experience disappointment and failure as times of learning and growth.

  • Increase self-discipline as a way to live an empowered life.

Talk 2

The A.B.C.’s of Stress Relief

Tools to empower parents to learn to let go of stress through:

A-Acceptance, accepting all of who we are and what is going on in our lives. We need to accept things as they are before we can change them.

B-Blessings, we will learn about the life-changing practice of sending Blessings and the 12 laws of the universe.

C-Cherish ourselves, loving ourselves helps us, our children, families and communities.

And S– where we learn to let that Sh*t go!
Imagine a life with more love and less stress!