Janine Westlund

“I have worked with Lynda for 5 years and have only been continually impressed. She is knowledgeable about employment services for people with disabilities in a way that only comes from personal experience. More importantly, she is passionate about helping each person reach their full potential. Her wisdom and enthusiasm make a great pair as a trainer and facilitator. You will learn much and be ready after learning from Lynda.”

Becky Miller
Rae of Light Reiki LLC

I have been a partner with her on several of her trainings, so I have been there to see her in action. She comes prepared with materials, but I think her biggest strength is how she can read a room, know what people want and need at the time, and can go with the flow of the training. She can get the point across without having to stick to a rigid curriculum, and always makes the trainings fun, entertaining and educational.

Sharon M.
Mother and Teacher

Raising kids with special needs is complex, and it takes a lot of creativity, patience, and humility as Lynda so deftly details. Lynda’s honesty is refreshing and helped me to feel less alone. She shows how important it is to flow with life’s challenges instead of fighting them.

Agnes S., Parent and retired Nurse

This book reminded me I that I can be a strong, independent woman and still ask for help. Everyone should read this book.