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Rising above poverty, especially when you grew up in an impoverished family, is a challenging mission but definitely not impossible to attain.

The book The Power of Financial Dance: A spiritual guide to financial health by Lynda Drake aims to provide individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to overcome poverty and achieve financial stability. Through her writing, Lynda Drake inspires her readers to discover their inner strength, unleash their personal power and create the life they truly desire. The book is a spiritual journey that offers practical advice and tips on achieving financial freedom and taking control of one’s financial future. With its inspirational messages and practical insights, The Power of Financial Dance: A spiritual guide to financial health is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and life. 

Lynda Drake’s The Power of Financial Dance: A spiritual guide to financial health covers various topics, including budgeting, debt management, and investment strategies. However, what sets this book apart is its emphasis on the spiritual side of finance. The author believes that having a healthy relationship with money requires more than just practical financial knowledge; it requires a deeper understanding of how our relationship with money is connected to our spiritual well-being. 

Throughout the book, Lynda Drake offers practical advice and guidance on navigating financial challenges while remaining grounded in spiritual principles. 

Is Money Everything?

In our world today, everything requires money. In fact, most of our problems revolve around money. As we journey through life, we go to school, hoping to finish college and soon find a job. Ultimately, the goal our parents yearn for us to attain as we grow up is to earn our own money so we can live comfortably.

This brings us to question, are we living solely for money?

There are things money can’t buy but it indeed controls us in many ways. There are situations where in people commit crimes for the sake of money. Money can drive us to do wrong. It can tempt us to act immorally, perhaps because our society depends on its power.

The power money holds can blind us.

Because a large chunk of humanity is materialistic, our happiness depends on money. 

Money is not everything but it is important.

To Control or Be Controlled?

We are likely being controlled by money in the sense of being highly dependent on our happiness with it.

The reality is that money makes us happy, and financial success brings us to the top. 

But to be on top is more than just having a lot of money; it is rising above poverty. Poverty in a sense of being poor in mind. To be on top is to be rich in mind, possessing a healthy relationship with money.

The control you have over your money and being able to use it wisely brings you to the top.

Financial Success is Driven by the Mind

Rising above poverty is an arduous journey that demands considerable time and relentless hard work. It entails overcoming numerous obstacles and challenges along the way and exhibiting unwavering determination and persistence. Nonetheless, with the right mindset, it is possible to rise above adversity and achieve financial stability and independence.

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

– Bill Gates

The mind holds power, which is buried in each of us. It is up to us how we utilize this power. The mindset you have can shape your reality. 

Nurturing a positive attitude towards money can have a profound impact on your financial well-being. By fostering a mindset that values financial stability, you can develop stronger personal finance habits and feel more confident in navigating economic challenges that may arise in the future. This approach to money management can help you prioritize your financial goals, make smarter spending choices, and build a more secure financial future for yourself.

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